Updated Nov. 19, 2003
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The navigation bar on the left lists our Schwartz ancestors whose biographies are on this web site.Click on the ancestor's name in the navigation bar to view the biography, which opens in about 30 seconds. Click on hi-res in the navigation bar to view high-resolution biographies, which take longer to open but offer much better image quality. Acrobat Reader, free at www.adobe.com, is needed to view the biographies.

The pedigree chart above shows where each ancestor fits in. The expanded pedigree chart includes 70 additional German ancestors who predate the above pedigree chart.

About The Research

Research began in July 1999 and found its way into written biographies as a way of sharing research with family members. In 2001, a wonderful collection of old family photographs surfaced along with original documents dating to 1864. Internet images of German villages, churches, and maps along with German village history books rounded out the research, telling each ancestor's unique story in words and pictures.

This research is an individual project with the exception our Robrecht ancestors, whose research was greatly enriched by the efforts of our cousin, George Meister of Munich, Germany, and his sister, Anne Meister of Arlington, VA, who are descendants of Elisabeth Robrecht's brother, Anton Robrecht.

I hope you enjoy reading about our German ancestors as much as I enjoyed writing about them!

Gloria Schwartz Christine
Mountain View, CA
September 2003

For those interested in having their family history research made into written biographies, please contact writer@historywriter.net for more information.